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​While we enjoy every style of beer we are working on having 7 beers on tap all year round.  We are also going to release a seasonal beer about every three months.  And of course since the brew masters are so obsessed with beer, you never know what new beers you will find on tap.
All of our beers are American products and styles. 
The Patriot - How the king should rule

True American Pilsner

A simple and delicious take on pilsner.  It is basic version of a beer, designed for those "BMC" drinker who are trying to branch out into a world of beer they didn't know existed. It has a mild flavor and hoppyness.  A truly great beer for when you step off the back of a lawn mower or just want to relax after a hard day at work.  


ABV 5.5%

IBUs 25

Dick's IPA

India pale ale


Our take on a traditional IPA style beer.  While it has more hops than our other beers, it does not have too much of the bitter hoppy bite that some fear.  While the "hop heads", like Brad, may wish for more IBU's it is an amazingly good beer that we know you will love.


ABV 6%

IBUs 70


Amendment 21

Three spice lemon wheat


Based on the German style Hefeweizen, we replace the German ale yeast with an American ale.  Hefeweizen may have invented by the Germans, but is perfected by us.  With wheat added for flavor and "sweetness."  To boost the already wonderful flavor combination, we have added lemon, coriander, cinnamon and clove.  Gives the beer a great complex flavor and great body.  


ABV 4.5

IBUs 10
SRM  6

Ol' Hickory

Molasses nut brown


A simple nut brown, with a historical twist.  Taking away some of the malt to be replaced by a dark, sweet, molasses.  Based on a recipe by George Washington, we added our own twist and refined it to a great tasting beer.  Darker than most Nut Browns, molasses is very dark after all, it is a full bodied and complex flavored beer.  Mild bitter from the hops, but the molasses adds  a great earthy bitterness.  Overall just an amazing combination of bitter and sweet.


ABV 5%

IBUs 10

SRM 32

Miner 49

California steam

Basically our pilsner with a layer of flavor that will blow your mind.  Using our pilsner yeast we ferment at temperature out side what the yeast prefer.  This gives the beer an "off" flavor that makes for a great beer with a unique taste.


ABV 5.5%
IBUs 25



Pineapple cider


Everyone has an apple cider.  And we are not EVERYONE here.  While "sours" are a favorite among the master brewers, there are too many issues to pursue them.... yet.  So as a fix all we came up with this recipe for a sweet and sour cider, with just a touch of bitter.  Great on a hot day or when you have a sweet tooth or when you just want an amazing flavor. 


ABV 5.5%

IBUs 15


Harbor Water

Hard Arkansas sweet tea.


A personal favorite.  Started as a joke between two sleep deprived home brewers, this brew became a staple of our houses.  We are never without a few gallons in our fridge.  A true hard tea, it has a sweet and earthy flavor that everyone loves.... well there was one person that didn't like it, but no one cares about her opinion. Our most persnickety brew, but all the headaches and problems are worth it when you get a mouthful of our most tasty of concoctions. 


ABV 5%

IBUs 0

SRM 20

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