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StudDuck Beers Closure - 

We hate to announce that StudDuck Beers is going to be closed due to health reasons.  As of April 15th, 2024, and will remain closed until August 2024.  We are sorry to all who is and has been inconvenienced.  Hopefully this will be the last time Brad has to go in for chemo treatments.

StudDuck Beers

Mailing list.  

We are starting a mailing list for our customers who are interested.  We will send out news about parties, events, and beer releases to anyone that is interested.  We assure you that our emails will be hand typed and not passed off to third party advertisers, because we hate that crap too.  If you are interested in getting news from us, ask to be added in the "Contact" section of the website, or ask us to add it next time you are in the brewery for a delicious beer. 

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