StudDuck Beers 2nd Anniversary

We have survived the weirdest two years possible.  So, in October, we are going to be celebrating our second anniversary over two days!  Our anniversary is October 11th, but since that is a Monday, and some of our patrons can't be here during the week; we are going to celebrate on Sunday, October 10th, and Monday, October 11th.  We will be celebrating with our fall beer release, The Great Pumpkin Stout, and with GPS chili.   If you haven't been out to see us in a while, now is a great excuse to come and see how much we've grown over the last year!  While our seating has expanded dramatically over the last year, you may want to bring chairs.... just in case.  We look forward to celebrating with our friends as we pass another milestone on our journey.  

Seasonal on tap.  

The Clementine is on tap for the summer, but with fall fast approaching come out and try this, "daughter of the Miner 49er," our hibiscus steam before it is gone for the year.  The quintessential lawn mower beer, Clementine is a wonderful beer to drink when it is hot and steamy outside.  

StudDuck Beers

Mailing list.  

We are starting a mailing list for our customers who are interested.  We will send out news about parties, events, and beer releases to anyone that is interested.  We assure you that our emails will be hand typed and not passed off to third party advertisers, because we hate that crap too.  If you are interested in getting news from us, ask to be added in the "Contact" section of the website, or ask us to add it next time you are in the brewery for a delicious beer.