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Come join a new brewery at our first and founding location in the small town of Lonsdale, Arkansas.... Well, maybe not IN Lonsdale, but in the suburbs of the metropolis.  We are excited to bring our product and passion to the public.  Among our goals for our brewery are various beers,  ciders, and hopefully classes on how we brew beer in our style.  

Now introducing our new membership club, "The Black Tap Society."  Find out more in our Black Tap tab above. (Coming SOON!)

Up Coming Event

Super bowl Sunday!  We will be featuring a "homemade" pizza and

buffalo wings at the biggest athletic event of the year.

Pizza and wings will be made by hand, in house,

to celebrate the spectacle. Bassett pizza and 

wings has been a main stay with the

Super Bowl for decades and is worth 

the trip!


$20 at the door and $15 dollars if you

pay early. 

Bring your family and friends!  

RSVP via Facebook or through

our contact page

Thanks for visiting.  We look forward to 

serving you our amazing beer.

Because beer loves you too!