Our Taproom is open again.  

With the slow reopening, we are again allowed to open our brewery to our customers.  In an attempt to keep possible issues to a minimum we have decided to allow only outside seating.  And let's be honest, the best part about our brewery is sitting on the deck and enjoying beer in the sunlight. Each of our tables are a minimum of 6 feet away and our premises is sanitized almost constantly.  So we look forward to seeing all of our friends again.  Cherry Tree is still on tap while supplies last.  Our spring seasonal, Happy Birthday, has been canceled for this year, much to our disappointment.  We were really looking forward to giving our customers trying our carrot cake red.  Our summer seasonal, Clementine, hibiscus steam, daughter of the Miner 49er, is still set to release in early June. 

If you are not comfortable with getting out yet, we are still going to offer delivery and pickup.  We are still offering free delivery to the Hot Springs Village.  And in an attempt to keep prices down, we are still offering the growler exchange.  We will still deliver a growler of ours, for only $3 in exchange for one of our growlers you may already have.  

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