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StudDuck Bluegrass Festival

The Bluegrass festival has been canceled for July 23rd.  Our event planner has canceled the event due to the heat advisory.  

Seasonal on tap.  

Our spring seasonal is on tap, Happy Birthday, Mr. Brewer, a carrot cake Irish red.  A full bodied sweet and layered beer, it is brewed with carrots, raisins, vanilla, and a variety of spices, everything that's in a carrot cake is in this beer.  And as always, ask about mixes we do with this amazing beer.

July 3rd will see the release of our summer beer, Clementine, the hibiscus steam.    

StudDuck Beers

Mailing list.  

We are starting a mailing list for our customers who are interested.  We will send out news about parties, events, and beer releases to anyone that is interested.  We assure you that our emails will be hand typed and not passed off to third party advertisers, because we hate that crap too.  If you are interested in getting news from us, ask to be added in the "Contact" section of the website, or ask us to add it next time you are in the brewery for a delicious beer. 

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