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Black Tap Society

​The Black Tap Society is a group of special people who believe in what we are trying to do here at StudDuck Beers.  As a way to thank them for their investment in us, we have created a list of our favorite patrons that we are lovingly calling the Black Tap Society.  The perks and benefits that go with membership are enumerated below; the idea being that we want to reward you for your friendship and support. 
So to all of you in the Black Tap Society we thank
March Black Tap night
Poker tournament, March 2nd starting at 6pm
   Don't forget your growler.

Monthly Membership

$11 per month

  • $10 off all special events

  • Black tap access 

  • member’s night +1 

  • Access to our special mead as supplies last

  • Brewer’s motorcycle rides +1 

  • Access to the brewery on days there is brewing


Yearly Membership

$111 per year

  • Access to all monthly benefits

  • Free entry to all special events

  • Member’s only t-shirt

  • Guaranteed access to our special mead

  • Brewer’s float trips +1

  • 20oz logo mug to be used, by only you, all year, filled at the same price as our 16oz glasses

  • (coming soon) A locker for your use to store anything you would like kept at the tap house, namely, your mug

Lifetime Membership

$333 once

  • Access to all monthly and yearly benefits

  • Your 20oz logo mug will be monogramed with your name and will be kept ad infinitum

Studdeuck Brad and Jerry BT fancy.jpg

Special events

Member's night

We are planning a special night to run every week (or month depending on participation).  We will have various activities, dependent on the weather, for competitors to play to win a prize (you'll want to bring your growlers).  At this time we are planning on holding member's night on Tuesdays.  Games: poker night, blackjack night, horseshoes, darts, baggo, washers, etc.

Brewer's bike ride

That's bike as in motorcycle.  The StudDuck Staff are avid motorcycle riders.  As time allows we take weekend rides around the state to various Arkansas breweries. Members who ride are invited along.

Brewer's float trip

The StudDuck staff love the waterways of Arkansas and as time permits we take at least on float trip in rafts, tubes, canoes, or kayaks.  Yearly and lifetime members will be invited along to float, and drink, with the professionals. 

Explanation of benefits

Special events

Several times throughout the year StudDuck Beers hosts special parties with special menus and entertainment.  Monthly members will get a $10 discount to all such parties, yearly and lifetime members get access to these parties at no cost.  

Black tap access

The brewer's at StudDuck Beers are always trying new types, styles, and ingredients; while we often succeed, we never know what will come out.  The black tap is the Brewer's beer.  Member's are allowed to order from this tap as well as the other taps we have running.

Mead access

The brewer's at StudDuck Beers LOVE to make mead (brewed with local honey).  Since mead is expensive to produce we will be making enough for only members to enjoy.  While yearly and lifetime members will be promised a glass of mead, monthly members will be limited to a first come first serve. 

Brew days

StudDuck Beers spends several days a week brewing.  As member's you are welcome to come to the brewery on days we brew.  As of right now our only guaranteed are Saturdays, but as we go further along we will add a schedule to the website and via email.

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