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  All of our sausages are handmade down the road at Clampit's Country Kitchen and Meat Market, and are amazing in quality, with the exception of our All Beef Frank. We are also offering a new artisan, sweet dill relish, that pairs well with every item on the menu, with or without kraut.  If you haven't had the pleasure of eating the food from Clampit's then treat yourself to an amazing meal.  

Best of the Wursts

All Beef Franks                      $5

StudDuck Beer Brats*              $7

Smoked Kielbasa*                   $7

Cheddar Jalapeno Kielbasa*      $7

German Sausage*                   $7

All Wursts come with chips

Add Sauerkraut                      $1

Chips                                   50¢

*Clampit's Country Kitchen and Meat Market

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