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Our Seasonals

​While you never know what beers will be on tap, there are some beers that are slated to be on tap each season.  They will remain on tap as long as the supplies last.
All of our beers are American products and styles. 
The Great Pumpkin Stout

Irish Stout


Rich, robust, and complex is the best way to to describe this beer.  Flavored will oven-roasted, REAL pumpkin.  Using real pumpkin lends a mild, subtle taste, not the usual in your face, fake pumpkin flavor that that everyone else's products have this time of year.  You should also pick up on several spices as the great stout flavor fades.  A personal favorite of Brad, even if it isn't very hoppy.


ABV 6%

IBUs 40
SRM 40

Cherry Tree Dopplebock 

Cherry seasoned dark dopplebock


A rich, full, flavorful dark bock.  Fermented with dried cherries, adds a  sweetness and body that is outstanding on a cold day.  The higher alcohol is highlighted by the extra body and sweetness.  Light on the IBU's, but full on flavor and bite to fight back any chill.  Besides, it is perfect right around Valentine's day for your significant other.  Cherries are romantic right?


ABV 10%

IBUs 25
SRM 22


Hibiscus seasoned California commons​


The daughter of The Miner 49er, this brain child of Jerry's is a great addition to our beer line up.  A clone of the Miner 49er, we add hibiscus flowers to the brew to give a floral and pleasant addition to the original.  Perfect for a spring day in the yard relaxing and watching the flowers in the yard start to bloom.


ABV 4%

IBUs 25
SRM 6 (but as you can tell the SRM are kind of out of the window here)

Happy Birthday

Carrot cake Irish red


A new recipe and we are looking forward to perfecting it. 


ABV No Idea

IBUs No clue
SRM How would I know

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