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The origin story


"Let's do a business" - Jerry Luckett

We've been friends for many years.  And both were home brewers even before we meet.  We have a combined 16 years of experience brewing.  After a few years of brewing together, of making great beer, and giving it away, we decided to go into the business of making beer.  

With hours of painstaking research into styles and types of beers, done through motorcycle rides to microbreweries around the great state of Arkansas, we slowly developed a business plan and a few great recipes.  After a couple more years of brewing more beer than we could drink, we decided that it was time to start selling beer.  Now months later, paperwork is getting done, building is moving forward, we are moving forward.


The Brewery

We are trying to keep the waste down and stay as green as possible.  So as opposed to building new buildings, we decided to repurpose things that are already there.  Starting with a used shipping container, we are refurbishing it and modifying it into our first stage of our brewery.  Already we are expanding into a second shipping container.  Using modular style construction, the plan is to add new, used, containers to add space and seating to our brewery. 

Located on an old family farm we have a great view to enjoy while enjoying the beer.  We eventually hope to grow our own hops to add some of the farm to our beer.  

We are adding pictures of our brewery as we make steps forward.  Our goal is opening the doors by the end of the year.


The family 


Jerry left, Brad right, shown with 6 of our 7 combined children

Family is a major part of our lives and a major part of our brewery.  We are starting this brewery with the idea of leaving a legacy of our art form to our children. 

Our wives are an important part of business.  Without Shasta and Nichole, there is no way we could make our dream come true.  

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