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Designed to reuse as much as possible, and to be just another building on the farm. 

November 2018


Although the idea of opening a brewery was still only a pipe dream, our hobby had out grown our kitchens and we needed a new space.  The beginning of our brewery was needing a place to brew that was outside of our houses.  With that in mind we bought our first shipping container and moved into it asap.  

Now while they seem small each shipping container weighs over 8000 lbs, so moving them into location was insane work for a couple guys and a couple tractors.  Thanks to the ancient Egyptians we were able to get it done.  


March 2019

After a winter of brewing in a metal box in the freezing cold (at one point we created a full water cycle), we decided as soon as possible we were going to start working on something more suitable.  Along with a need for insulation we also learned we needed more space.  It didn't take us long to use up the 15 feet allocated for brewing.  So the next step was to add another 40 foot container.  So forms were set and the doors were removed.  Now we just need power. So cue Entergy!  The order was made, now we wait.


April 2019

As soon as the forms were set, we ordered another container (we highly recommend PacVan for all your massive shipping container needs).  Two weeks later we were looking at a second 8000 pound container.  Having learned from the first one, we know exactly how to do this one, except all the things that were different.  Seriously, it is a miracle that no fingers, limbs, or lives were lost moving these into place.

Once the brewery was in place we had to set a power pole. Again, no one died, but that wasn't for lack of trying.  There is a hilarious video of Brad almost dying, when you come in you should ask to see it. 


May 2019

What a month!!  Beer fest, a holiday for Jerry and Brad, but this year they were invited to be a brewer.  And what an event it was.  The first time we were previewing to the public, and what a great day!  Many positive compliments, comments, and vibes!  And that lite the fire under us. It was time to kick this pig and get serious.  I mean as soon as we have power...

We figure 2 months, tops, to get as soon as we can get power.  i mean it has already been 4 weeks, surely power it won't be long.  In the meanwhile we worked on the road and cleaning up the trees.  And we had our first visitor, a couple of them.

Oh, by the way, if you are interested in those amazing t-shirts, they are on sale at the brewery now!


June 2019

POWER!! Only 6 weeks behind schedule now.  Well, that was a nice thought.  But now the work can really get started.  First the holes for doors, windows and the connection between the containers.  This is a family activity.  I mean who doesn't like to play with a plasma torch!


Then framing, sheetrock, and installing the windows.  We got the brewery mostly finished now to the taproom.  A lot happened in a very short time.  Big steps!.


July 2019

With the brewery done and the taphouse well underway the next thing on the docket is to put windows and walls in the taphouse.  With the addition of a secondary roof to block sun, the outside only needs a coat of paint, we will get that some day.  By the end of the month everything is just about done.  Bathrooms and septic is the only thing left, just needing plumbing.  So close to being open, just need someone who wants to work!  Too bad we can't do it legally.  But hopefully soon!


August 2019

Brewery?  Check!  Taphouse?  Check!  Restrooms?  Check!  Septic Still waiting.  Inspections and septic are the only things we have left to get done to get these doors open!  And we want to get our beers into your hands.  Soon!!  Hopefully soon!!


September 2019

If it has a name we have done it.  Only two more hoops to jump through and we are open.  First one to be done on October 1st, and the second to be done October 2nd.  Bar and brewery and tap house completed and stocked.  recipes done and everything running beautifully.  We just need to be allowed to open.  We are like race horses chomping on the bit waiting for the gates to open so we can run!


October 2019

It is FINISHED!  Well, not finished, there is still plenty of finishing work and landscaping to be done.  So maybe, "It is OPEN!" would be better.  Our first day was October 11th and now we are open daily from 2-9. So come on out and try our amazing beer!  We can't wait to see you.  

Thanks to all of you that have shown us such interest and we can't wait to thank you in person. 

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